• Teaching staff of the Faculty of Finance and Banking is actively involved in the research activity by means of projects won at competitions organized at national and international level. Funding for the research projects is provided by public and private entities.

The Faculty of Finance and Banking has two research centers:

International research projects

No. Title of the research project  Institution Period
1. Fiscal sustainability within the EU area. Empirical evidence for old membersd and new comers

Stoian Andreea – principal investigator
Campeanu Emilia Mioara – principal investigator

CERGE-EI RRC 2009-2010
2. City Size Distribution Dynamics in Transition Economies: A Cross-Country Investigation

Necula Ciprian –director

CERGE-EI IRC 2009-2010
3. Macroeconomic Implications of Population Ageing and Pension Reform in Romania

Necula Ciprian –director

CERGE-EI RRC X 2010-2011
4. Foreign Bank Participation and Fiscal Burden Sharing in Cross Border Banking Crises: As Assessment for Eastern European Countries

Radu Alina Nicoleta – director

CERGE-EI RRC XI 2011-2012
5. The Study of Fiscal Vulnerability: Empirical Evidence for European Union CountriesStoian Andreea – principal investigator CERGE-EI RRC XIV 2014
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