CEFIMO Research Seminar

  • May 23th, 2017 13.30-15.00, Room 3109
    CEFIMO Internship Day
    Speakers: Magda MATETOVICI; Radu FIERARU – Bucharest University of Economic Studies

CEFIMO Research Seminar

  • May 16th, 2017 13.30-15.00, Room 3109
    The Making Of The study of public debt. Which are the distinctions between the emerging and advanced economies in European Union
    Speakers: Andreea STOIAN, PhD Filip IORGULESCU, PhD Department of Finance and CEFIMO Bucharest University of Economic Studies

EY competition

  • We are pleased to announce that within the Students Scientific Session “ABC of the FINANCIAL WORLD” will be organized the EY competition for the best scientific paper on taxation.
  • Prize: EY Paid Internship.
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